Leather Off-cuts/Scraps/Reminants/Pieces- Mixed colours/sizes

Leather Off-cuts/Scraps/Reminants/Pieces- Mixed colours/sizes

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£9.99 / kilogram(s)
Delivery weight: 1 kg

A bag of leather scrap/off-cuts containing a mixture of colours, types, thicknesses, brands and size pieces. When putting the bag together I will try to be as fair as possible and give a mixture of everything available. There are a few branded leathers including Yarwood and Bridge of Weir.

I have a lot of leather off-cuts in stock and more arriving on a regular basis so I have a good range of colours available. The bag will be made up of a mixture of colours, however should you require a bag of dark/light/bright colours please let me know as I can put this together for you.

Examples of colours that might be in each bag-

Mixed- blacks, browns, tans, reds, greens, yellows, blues, creams, whites, greys, beiges, oranges etc

Dark- blacks, dark browns, navy blues, greys etc

Lights- creams, yellows, whites, beiges etc

Brights- reds, yellows. blues. greens, tans, oranges etc

The bags are measured in Kilograms and are available from 1kg going up in increments of 0.5kg.

SPECIAL OFFER- Buy a 5kg bag or bigger and receive 1kg free of charge. (the extra kg will be added automatically when being sent out.)

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